Appetite for Freedom
 Life and Money Planning

Financial Planning within Reach.


Where are you now?

Unsure. Directionless. Confused.

Events of 2020 have, for many, pointed a spotlight on our lives and showed us what we do and don't want.  For some it has meant redundancy and an unclear future, for others it has brought out a feeling of wanting something different.  Our programme is for those who want to make their own way, take new opportunities with both hands and live their best life now.  Those who need guidance to do this, to get satisfaction in every area of their life.

Financial planning is not just for those with extra money in the bank, it's for everyone and that's why our programme includes non-intermediary financial planning, we do not sell products, we look at your financial goals as part of your life plan.


Where do you want to be?

Satisfied in all areas of your life.

You want to have a purpose, a feeling of identify, to feel positive and fearless about the future.

You want to start your own business, spend more time doing things you want to do, to get your finances in order and work towards getting the life you want.

Why is it important?

Life is too short.

You never know what is around the corner and do you really want to wait until your retirement to do what you want to do?  There is little point in living a half life and putting off living the life that you want.  Do it now. Part of our mission here is to help you plan your finance so you don't have to wait to do what you want.  

Why now?

Your own roadmap out of lockdown.

After a challenging year for most of us, and with many of us having had time to reflect on our lives, it is now time to act.  Reach for what you want in life, and working with us, will help give you your own route to happiness.

How do you get there?

 Work with us on your journey 

Working with me using our Focused F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Framework, we work through 7 steps to help you achieve the life you want.  We help identify your goals, take an objective look at your finances and put into place actions to achieve the life you want, including a plan for business.  

Together we will find what makes your heart sing, what your talents and values are and how you can use them.  

Working at your own pace, the Focused F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Framework  will empower you and give you new purpose in life with a clear, practical plan to achieve your goals.


How we can help?

The Focused F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Framework

We will work together one to one through 6 sessions. (7 steps).  These are online at present and take 2 hours.  We take them at your pace. If you want to move quickly through the programme, I suggest a meeting every two weeks meaning you will have your clear plan in 3 months.

If you want to take it more slowly then it is entirely up to you. Sessions can be set at a time suitable  for you.

The difference to your life could be amazing. Getting a coach was definitely a turning point in my own journey as you will see in my story.  New opportunities are there for the taking and, with a mentor you could have a new identity as a businesswoman, a new sense of purpose. 

If you need help turning a side hustle into your full time role then this is what you need. Financial independence could be within your reach.

I am offering a one hour taster session for £105. This will show you how working together  will help you achieve your goals.

The whole programme costs £950, a worthwhile investment. If you think about your finances, even a simple side hustle making  around £10,000 a year would mean £30,000 in three years.

If you are excited by your possible future at the end of our taster session, then it is easy to upgrade to the whole programme and if you want to carry on with the mentoring after the programme, you will not be alone. Hourly sessions are available.






I am a member of the Academy of Life Planning and a Non-Intermediary Financial Planner.

I have  a background in Education, Psychology and Economics and over twenty years experience of coaching and mentoring people towards their goals.

Plus I have been there myself. Moving from an unfulfilled life to leading it on my terms. Read my story.