Do you have an Appetite for Freedom?

If you are looking for a business to incorporate your love of food, your city or town and meeting people, then starting a food tour may be perfect for you. Running a food tour is a business with low start-up costs and overheads which has the potential to make a good profit. A food tour business can fit around your own lifestyle and it gives you the opportunity to become more involved in your community and its food scene.


Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours run successful food tours in Harrogate and York taking visitors on a culinary and cultural adventure. We now offer Appetite for Freedom, a two day workshop which gives you the tools to set up your own food experience business. A business which requires low investment and is thoroughly enjoyable for those with a passion for food and people.


Food Tours are a fantastic way for visitors to get to know a place and enjoy all the best their food and drink scene has to offer. The British Food scene has so much to offer and is no longer considered a poor relation to our European counterparts. There is so much good food out there and we want visitors to enjoy it to the max.

A food tour allows people to try out not just one restaurant but several and really give them a feel of the place.  People these days are looking for experiences, not material possessions, and good food is loved by everyone.   Food Tourism is growing annually and if you would like to be part of that we can help you set up your own.


Appetite for Freedom offers two day workshops to help you avoid many costly pitfalls in setting up a food tour business and provides a model to follow for a high quality product.  Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours have been running now for over two years and have been enjoyed by hundreds of visitors to the north.

We now want to pass on this successful business model so you can provide such an offering in your town.  Food tourism is growing every year and there is so much creative and culinary talent out there, there is certainly no shortage of customers nor tasting partners that offer top quality food. Tourists and locals alike enjoy finding new places to eat, places they might not otherwise have experienced.

What Do You Need?

Just the time to give the workshop your full attention and the commitment to making your own food experience a success. A passion for food, your town and for meeting people are vital ingredients.  Whatever your background, you will have skills and knowledge that you can use to help your own business succeed. Our post workshop coaching packages can provide you with ongoing support to keep yourself on track and overcome any hurdles as they arise.

Upcoming Weekend Workshops

21st/22nd March

18th/19th April

16th/17th May

What The Workshop Covers

Preparation: ‘Basics for your Business’ including Ethos, Finance and Operations.
Starter: ‘Creating the tour’ including Tastings, Route, Script and Guides.
Main: ‘Up and Running’ including Sales, Marketing and Systems.
Sides: ‘Guides’ including Employing a Guide, Legalities and Good Guiding and ‘Marketing’ including Social Media and a Marketing Strategy
Dessert: Day to Day Operation.
Coffee: ‘Next Steps’ including Goals, Expectation and Support.

You Have An Appetite For Freedom?

You may have spent your life looking after others or working for others and feel that now is the time to do something for yourself. While there is no denying that running your own business requires a strategy and hard work, it can also be tremendously rewarding, not only financially but psychologically too, providing you with control over your own life.