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About you and About us

About you

You could be any or none of the following. The Focused Freedom Framework is easily adapted to your own needs.  

Contact us to see if its right for us. At present, we have a taster session for only £80.


Empty Nesters

Your children are grown up or are growing up. They no longer need your undivided attention. For many women in this situation, it is difficult to know where to go. The pre-children life seems uninviting at best and unsuitable for your needs now at worst.   A new purpose and direction is within your reach.

Bored and uninspired.

You may feel unfulfilled in your professional or personal life or have a feeling that life is passing you by.  You are waiting for retirement so you can do what you want.

Life is short and you never know what is around the corner.  Our programme helps you find the thing that makes you sing - stepping out of your comfort zone is exciting and empowering. We can help you take that leap, you are not alone.

At a crossroads

For many, the problems the last couple of years have brought in our economy has meant an enforced change in our circumstance.

This is a great opportunity for change and working towards the life you want.

With us beside you, you can find the direction in which to head, for satisfaction in every area of your life.

About me

Five years ago, I was still working in Education after 23 years. In my fiftieth year, I felt there was more my life could be.   

Five years later, my life is very different. I feel in control and more importantly, I feel more fulfilled and more excited by both the present and the future.

Read my story to learn about my own journey.

My credentials

My professional life has been all about helping others achieve their potential. Teaching in further education for many years I taught Psychology, Economics, Business Studies and Sociology. Coaching was always the most enjoyable part of my pastoral role.  

It is so rewarding to watch people achieve their desires and sometimes what is needed is this mentor, someone to support and guide you through the journey.

What is it I can offer?  Firstly, I have been there. I have been in an unfulfilling workplace, struggled to make ends meet, been through divorce, the death of both parents, brought up two girls on my own, left a professional career but.... since turning 50, my life has got better and better. 

I have trained with the Academy of Life Planning and am a Non intermediary Financial Advisor (that means I will not be selling you any products) and have over 20 years experience of coaching and mentoring people towards their goals.

I started running my own food tour business in 2017 and this continues, adding the coaching business in 2020.  Having a mentor in your own business is hugely helpful especially if it is just you. You need a yaysayer and a cheerleader and mentor all rolled into one!

My Story.

It was 2016 and I had just received a letter from the Headteacher of the school where I worked. It told me I was being made redundant from my post that coming August. I had only started there the preceding September.  This of course meant that I had no rights in terms of fighting this redundancy and I harked back to a conversation I had had a couple of months earlier. I had been invited to a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form and the Head of HR which told me that due to changes in the curriculum there was a possibility that I could be made redundant.  The head of HR though assured me that ‘it was not set in stone’ and they were seeing what could be done. I knew from my 23 years in education that a school should seek to find you an alternative position should your subject be in decline. Having been willing to take on new subjects and challenges throughout my career to be flexible to the needs of a school I was able to teach a variety of subjects so I was hopeful. Therefore it was quite a shock to learn by receipt of this letter that it was indeed now ‘set in stone’ with no further consultation. I had some more visits to HR but the school had made up its mind. I suspected I didn’t quite fit the corporate image of the school but I knew, through the countless students I had helped achieve their A Levels, through the multitude of lesson observations and inspections, through the feedback from students who I had helped over the years, that I was good at my job and being cast aside, I felt tremendously let down by the whole profession. 

The truth was though that I had had a miserable year at that institution, teaching as a profession has changed and you can see it in the staff rooms, staff are too busy to share more than a few minutes with each other.  As I said, I had been teaching for 23 years and I had had some challenging posts before, but as a teacher you were supported. This time, I felt so cast aside and undervalued I had had enough.  I walked away from teaching.  There are things I miss – the students obviously, I have met such lovely young people throughout the years and the good relationships I had with them – I also miss the professional rigor of being a teacher. You are always on, always learning, always challenging yourself, it is a tough job but a rewarding one. But even now, 5 years later, I don’t regret my decision. I decided I was going to do things on my terms.

I took on temporary work which allowed me some flexibility and I set about setting up my own food tour business, something I had thought about doing for 5 years, ever since going on my first food tour in Chicago in 2011.  I loved food tours and I though Harrogate was perfect for it so in 2017 Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours was born. It was a learning curve, I had to set foot outside my comfort zone a lot, pitching my idea to strangers and leading the tours but it was and still is a fantastic thing I love doing. It’s been something that’s given me a lot of pleasure, a lot of pride in what we have accomplished, every satisfied customer, every positive review, means an awful lot to me.  It has been difficult at times, there have been some bumps in the road, like when one of our selling agents went bankrupt owing us hundreds and of course, the pandemic.  It’s just me too, so I have had to be my own cheerleader. I have friends and people I bounce ideas off but the truth is, no one cares as much as me so I feel on my own sometimes.  Also, although I was making money on the business, I was still having to take on part time or temporary work to cover my living expenses.

The next turning point in my life came in attending a talk by a life and business planner. I went along to the free talk not expecting anything, I thought I would get some inspiration to carry on striving. I was impressed by what he said and so I entered into a working relationship which continues to this day. Having a coach has been a revelation, they are there not to pass judgement but to help you achieve the life you want.  Through the process I realised that I could achieve a level of financial security in other ways and finally I was able to leave my part time job and concentrate on growing my own business. A business where I could use all those years experience of teaching, coaching, mentoring and supporting people to achieve their dreams. 

Now in my fifties I feel excited about the present, and the future. It is an ongoing journey but an exciting one. Since we reopened after the pandemic, the food tours have been booming!  There is not enough time in life to simply wait until you retire. You never know what is around the corner, work for the life you want now, don’t wait. Stepping outside your comfort zone is invigorating. It is scary and not always plain sailing but it is exciting and gives you a clear purpose.  Don’t vegetate in a job that doesn’t inspire you, pick something that makes your heart sing.

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