We offer post course coaching, by Skype or in person in Harrogate, to help you ease into running your own business and address issues as they arise. This is particularly useful if you have not run your own business before and if you are running it on your own. Businesses require momentum to succeed and it is invaluable to have someone to offer advice and discuss ideas.


Coaching is offered at £50 per hour. Sessions are 1 hour. You can book a course of 6 for £250. Payment is in advance.

It can be as often as you require.

After completing 6 sessions of coaching, you can register with us as a Food Tour Operator and advertise on our site.

You will also have access to further training opportunities which can lead you to become a Master Food Tour Operator.


We are also offering exclusivity for our business model for your area for the first twelve months for £25 per month.   This means that we will not accept anyone else on the course from your chosen area for 12 months from the date of the beginning of the course.  This will enable you to establish your business in the area before the competition arrives.  We cannot guarantee other tours will not start up that haven’t been trained by ourselves but by completing our course you will have a great headstart.  This price also includes membership of a closed group of past course participants which will allow you to share advice and suggestions and support with each other. You will also have access to support materials, articles and events.