Life & Money Planning

Life & Money Planning

For many, lockdown and the issues it has raised has been a wake-up call.  You may feel that you want to change things in your life but just don’t know how or where to start.  You are looking for an objective voice, a mentor, someone who can help you plan where your life is going.

I am a non-intermediary life and money planner. People often have some ideas in their head of how they want their life to be but it has been lodged somewhere in the event that they ‘win the lottery’ or for when they retire. I am here to help you produce a GAME plan, a plan of how to get the life you want without having to wait for it.

The GAME plan we will produce together will not only identify your Goals and the Actions necessary to reach them but it goes that step further. We will examine the Means at your disposal and Execute the plan to attain the life you want. Those people with little or no savings need financial advice too but fall through the advice gap as they don’t need to buy financial products and that’s what non-intermediary money planning is, I am not here to recommend products but to help take an objective look at your finances and how they can help you reach your goals.

To produce your GAME PLAN, we would work together for 6 sessions of 90 minutes each.  This can be in person or a virtual meeting online.  We can work at your pace but at the end you will have a clear plan for your life and money.  If you need ongoing support or mentorship following this, then this is available.

The GAME PLAN costs £950.  Once completed, ongoing monthly support is £450 per year or £45 per month.

I worked in Education for over twenty years, helping mentor young people making important life decisions and offering a clear view on financial matters.  I am a member of the ANIFP (Association of Non-Intermediating Financial Planners) and the AOLP (Academy of Life Planners)).  I particularly focus on women who are looking for change in their mid-life who are looking for the next steps, for a more fulfilling professional life or to start their own small business.


Kay Atkinson

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