The Course

There are 7 modules: 5 taught and 2 self study. As part of the course, you will  attend one of our food tours, available in Harrogate  or York. For the workshop, this will take place on the weekend of the  workshop, for those studying online, a date at your convenience.   If restrictions remain, this will be virtual.

You will receive a handbook for building your own tour business.

A discount for participation of more than one member of your proposed business.


  • £450 for the Course.
  • Two people from the same business:  £750
  • Payment at time of booking.
  • For the workshop, cancellation allowed up until 3 weeks before the course.

The Online Course

There are 5 live sessions with the tutor – these can be at a convenient time to be discussed and  agreed. There are 2 sessions you can access in your own time. We suggest you schedule one a week   for five weeks to keep the momentum going and then afterwards you will have a further two hours to discuss your progress on your business with your coach.

The Workshop

The workshop takes place over two days in Harrogate. Some participants may have experienced one of our tours before so we will try our best to allow them to experience another of our tours. The workshop will run with a minimum of two and a maximum of ten. You will have to arrange your own accommodation but don’t worry, there is a wealth of great places to stay in Harrogate and we have  partnerships with some so we can help you with this if required.

The Course Content:

Module 1:           Preparation         Basics for your Business

Module 2:           Starter                   Creating the Tour

Module 3:           Main                       Up and Running

Module 4:           Dessert                  Day to Day Operations

Module 5:           Coffee                    Next Steps

Module 6:           Sides                      Marketing

Module 7:           Sides                      Guides

As part of the course, you will attend one of our food tours, available in Harrogate or York.  For the  workshop, this will take place on the weekend of the workshop, for those studying online, a date at your convenience or virtually.


We offer post course coaching, by Skype or in person in Harrogate, to help you ease into running  your own business and address issues as they arise. This is particularly useful if you have not run your own business before and if you are running it on your own. Businesses require momentum to   succeed and it is invaluable to have someone to offer advice and discuss ideas.


Coaching is offered at £50 per hour. Sessions are 1 hour. You can book a course of 6 for £250.  Payment is in advance.

It can be as often as you require.

After completing 6 sessions of coaching, you can register with us as a Food Tour Operator and  advertise on our site.

You will also have access to further training opportunities which can lead you to become a  Master Food Tour Operator